Joseph D. Frazier Resume

949-873-2100 / 105 W Park St, American Falls, ID, USA 83211


To personally and professionally excel and to strive to do the same for my company.


Software Development

Languages : C, C++, Objective-C, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB, VB.NET, Flash, ActionScript, Java, AJAX, XML, Javascript, BASIC, x86 Asm, Pascal, Fortran, AWK, & Many more.

Platforms : MsDos to Windows 7, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS/iPhone, HPUX, FreeBSD, Etc.

Computer Hardware Architecture

Chip Design (Processor, Memory, etc.), Hardware implementation of algorithms

Computer System Administration

Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Administration of Load-balanced Server Clusters, etc.


Autonomous robotics, Micro-controllers, Navigation Systems, Decision Making, etc.

Business Administration, Management, and Accounting

Held executive positions in several corporations including CEO, President, CFO and several other accounts of management experience.

Areas of Personal & Academic Study

Artificial Neural Networks - Back Propagation & Genetic Algorithms

Encryption and Compression - Steganography

Web-based Application Frameworks

Windows Technologies - Dos TSRs, Win32, ActiveX, COM, .NET

Graphic Processing - Fourier Transforms, Wavelets, Processing Algorithms & Masks, etc.

Operation Systems - Linux Kernel Additions, WinNT Micro Kernel

Networking - Networking Theory, Troubleshooting, and Client/Server Architecture

Server Clusters and Load Balancing

Game Development, Game Theory, Heuristic Based Decision Making Algorithms

Graphics Engines, 3D, OpenGL, DirectX, Raycasting, Raytracing, GTK+/GDK

Computer and Network Security - Including Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Compilers and Lexical Analysis - Computer Programming Language Design

Mobile Application Development - iOS/iPhone, Android


Idaho State University

BS in Computer Science (Also significant studies in Computer Information Systems)

Graduated May 2004 with a 3.33 gpa

Marsh Valley High School

Graduated May of 1996 with a 3.5 gpa


Apogee Design, Inc. - July 2004 to Present (Founding Partner)

Current Position : CEO

Other Positions Held : President, CFO, CTO/CIO, Director of Research & Development, Project Manager, Developer

Companies Started (executive positions held) : Product 2 Web, AutoSearch Technologies, MyTruePath, Camera Crew, Traditional Shooter, etc.

Fadiemae's Restaurant - Restaurant Owner - 2005 to 2007

Geo-Science Department ISU - August 2003 to May 2004

Position : Software Developer - Climatology software to analyze weather patterns.

Thad's Restaurant, McCammon, ID - February 1995 to October 2004

Positions Held : Assistant Manager, Relief Manager, Chef, Utility Worker

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