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by j0zf on Thursday May 6th, 2010 7:27 pm

My thoughts enumerated on the importance of daily production meetings for software development.  --joe

1. Keeps Developers from working in isolation.
- good for comradery and morale
- good for addressing development issues in front of a group
- allows for group problem solving (saves time and money)
2. Keeps Developers on Task and Focused
- daily reporting always keeps a developer focused on production
- keeps the developers goal oriented (each meeting devs state their goals, and account for them in the next meeting)
- forces developers to focus on immediate tasks (helps keep them from getting sidetracked or wasting time on unneeded research)
- keeps the developers competing for productivity in relation to the other developers
- it also forces everyone to review their hours for the previous day, so we don't have clock-in sessions of 24+ hours and other such issues
3. Forces Developers to Keep good and Specific notes
- a daily demonstration of their progress keeps them going
- ensures a detailed work-log that can defend us against patent or copyright disputes.
4. Keeps developers in the loop
- keeps developers informed of code fixes and security issues
- if something is created by 1 developer that can be utilized by another then those things are typically discovered in the meetings.
- a lot of Apogee Code base education takes place in the meetings as questions arise.    
- helps developers coordinate when they're assigned to the same project (or similar projects where code can be reused)
5. We've tried this without meetings and...
- we have never been successful when we didn't enforce daily meetings
- communication breaks down
- we're all less productive (including myself)
- when developers are lost or struggling they tend to spin their wheels for much longer periods before seeking help, when there's a daily meeting they are forced to admin what took or is taking them so long.

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