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ApogeeINVENT Servers and Hosting Solutions.

by j0zf on Monday November 23rd, 2009 3:05 pm

ApogeeINVENT Hosting and Server Solutions

At ApogeeINVENT we provide hosting solutions for nearly all of our design and development clients, and we have recently opened our doors to serving the needs of clients outside of our normal service based client pool. We are currently responsible for hosting 743 websites, 14 dedicated servers, 6 in-house backup servers, and the 13 servers that comprise the Product2Web server cluster. We provide industry standard solutions such as shared hosting and dedicated server hosting as well as our new load balanced server cluster referred to as the ApogeeCloud which we are currently in the process of building.

The ApogeeCloud is a new approach to hosting. It provides our clients with a massively scalable solution. The ApogeeCloud is specifically targeted to those client sites which require either the ability to handle high web-traffic loads and/or those clients who have strict high-availability requirements.

Our ApogeeCloud load balanced server cluster is composed of multiple servers in multiple geographic locations. By splitting up the tasks which would normally be performed by a single dedicated server the ApogeeCloud is able to handle a great deal more than what a normal server configuration could handle. The Cloud is composed of 3 main layers. The first layer is the Name server and Load balancer Layer, this layer is the public interface to the server cluster.

The 2+ name servers are in separate geographic locations and on separate networks. They are the crux of the system in that they allow us to eliminate all possible single point of failures. They perform 2 main tasks. The first of which is to monitor and manage the other servers in the cluster. When any server is unavailable for any amount of time the name servers automatically route the traffic around that server and notify our technical staff that there is a problem with one of the servers. The second task the name servers are responsible for is more apparent and that is to act as the authoritative DNS name servers for our cluster providing the assignment of domain names to IP addresses.

The load balancers are specialized proxy servers designed to be the public interface of the web servers, they are responsible for routing the communication to and from the web servers. The www layer is also referred to as the web server layer and it is composed of www1 to wwwN and is a highly scalable layer. This layer is responsible for running the PHP and serving the HTML and other content back through the load balancers and into the public domain. The web servers are identical mirrors of each other and thus it is easy to add additional www servers to scale the system up to handle higher traffic loads.

The final layer of the ApogeeCloud is the database layer. The database servers in this layer are in identically mirrored pairs. Each pair of database servers is comprised of a primary and secondary database server. The primary server is used for nearly all the database activity for the set of sites which it has been assigned. The secondary server is an exact backup of the primary database and is automatically available to temporarily replace the primary server at any time if the primary server becomes unavailable.

Other components to the ApogeeCloud are not specific to any layer of the server cluster. Those servers are the development server, chronological/application servers, backup servers, mail servers, video servers, and file servers. Each of these servers are able to scale up to multiple servers based upon need. These servers are designed to assume any other required workload that would potentially be inhibiting factors of the traditional single dedicated server and thus allowing the 3 layer load balancer server cluster to operate at optimum efficiency at all times.

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