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by j0zf on Monday August 29th, 2011 12:31 pm

Press Release at PRLOG Moneylogic Community Sees Rapid Growth

Nearly 1,000 businesses, non profits, brokers, worksite professionals, employees and individuals have joined Moneylogic’s membership-based association seeking the tools and resources to improve their finances. The software platform is still in Beta (initial) launch for this member-based program, and new features are being built daily behind the scenes.  The system continues to be refined to offer best of breed benefits tools and resources for businesses and individuals to increase revenue and reduce expenses while building a solid financial future for themselves, their employees or members.  

The centerpiece of Moneylogic's system is a seven-step financial wellness plan called The ML-7. ML-7 is a ‘one stop shop’ to manage finances. Members can find best of breed benefits, the best retirement plan for themselves or their employees, industry exclusive one click automated debt elimination, state of the art “voice activated” budgeting tools, and other assistance from Certified Financial Councilors.  Members will also have access to Moneylogic's Licensed Agents that will guide them on choosing and using the right tools for their business or personal finances including a tax free retirement vehicle backed by an A excellent rated company with over 150 years experience. The plan offers incredible gains, no risk of principle and life insurance is included. The community software is powered by ApogeeInvent ( and it allows the interaction to be simple and effective for members – they can have complete financial management without leaving their desk.

Membership to the community is invitation-only. Members are eligible to not only participate in the numerous programs offered by Moneylogic, but to receive overrides or special promotional offers for inviting others that use Moneylogic tools and resources. Visit to learn more or contact them to request an invitation to their exclusive marketing system not featured on their core site. Visit to learn more.

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About Moneylogic
Moneylogic was founded in Dallas Texas by John Bonnet Sr with 43 years experience in benefits and insurance. Partner Andy Bonnet III resides as the corporate attorney. Brooks Hamilton, also a partner is a world renowned ERISA attorney considered to be one of only 3 retirement Gurus in America. Brooks has been featured on 60 minutes, Frontline and many other nationally known programs. The company has some of the top minds in their field in the United States with over 200 years combined experience. To learn more about Moneylogic, visit to request an invitation to their exclusive marketing system not featured on their core site.

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