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A good plan violently executed today, is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
-- General George S. Patton

Stuff I wrote:
  • ScreenCap.IT - Written in Java it captures the selected region of the screen and automatically uploads it to the internet for quick and easy sharing.
  • qTimer - This is a windows application written in Microsoft VisualBasic.NET.  I use this timer to help increase my productivity, by working in 48/12 minute cycles throughout the day.  The way this goes is I spend 48 minutes of focus and sprinting while trying to get things accomplished and 12 minutes of project organization, answering instant messages, looking over IRC channels, answering emails, etc..
  • StringMaker - webapp : Encode a string into several formats including html, url, javascript, c++, and c++ _T()
  • Base64 - webapp : Convert to and from Base64.  I'll probably do some more with this app when I get the urge.
  • GUID - webapp : Generate a globally unique identifier.
  • PassGen - webapp : Very simple random password generator.
  • YourIP - webapp : Plain and simple, gives you your ip address.

By our team @ApogeeINVENT
  • - One Time Self Destructing Links For Sharing Sensitive Information.

Tools out there on the Net:

  • Etherpad - Webbased text editor which allows multiple users to edit and view a file in real time.
  • GetDropBox - Sync your files online and across computers.  This tool also allows you to easily share files with other users on the net. (thx2 Jesse)
  • Free-OCR - Free online OCR Optical Character Recognition tool. (thx2 Scott)
  • WinFF - Encode video media (a windowed frontend to ffmpeg) (thx2 Ben)
  • TinyChat - Create your own chatroom with video and screen sharing.
  • SED - A really great doc/howto on the extremely useful *NIX "sed" stream editor command.
  • MediaCoder - Great free video encoder and it works great for batch encoding.
  • GeoBytes IpLocator - Look up the geographic location of an IP address.
Software Development Tools:
  • De-Zender - Decrypt Zend Encoded PHP Files. (thx2 Chris at Sunshinemedia)
System Administration Tools:
  • Xmoov-php - HTTP pseudo-streaming script, Easily stream flash video without Flash Media Server.(thx2 Lavin)
  • Red5 - Open source replacement for Flash Media Server, Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) (thx2 Jesse)
  • IntoDNS - check DNS server and mail server health (thx2 Scott)
  • DomainTools - A good "whois" domainname lookup tool.
  • MXToolBox - Lookup the MX records for a domainname.
  • (D)DoS Deflate - Helps prevent "Denial of Service" attacks on your linux servers.
  • ApacheTop - Monitor website traffice in real-time.
  • MyTop - Monitor the usage of your MySQL server in real-time.

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