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by j0zf on Tuesday February 28th, 2012 12:38 pm

Web development and design company ApogeeINVENT launches SocialSEO service.

ApogeeINVENT, a web development and design company with several internet marketing products announced the release of its latest service, SocialSEO. The SocialSEO package combines traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices with the latest in social media to optimize websites for search traffic.  

The SocialSEO service includes social media management, social bookmarking, and content marketing items such as articles, press releases, and blogs. The package also incorporates traditional SEO like meta tags and content optimized for key terms. 

ApogeeINVENT created this package based on requests from clients. The company sells websites (DMW™), ecommerce shopping carts (CobraCart®), network marketing platforms (TitanMLM™), and are about to release their latest sales management and marketing system TitanTeambuilder™.  ApogeeINVENT platforms include built in SEO and social media features, but some companies wanted extra help in building a social media presence and improving their search engine placement. It is no longer enough to have a great website, or even to optimize that website with traditional Search Engine Optimization. New search algorithms and heavy competition require regular SEO updating and integrating social media to stay competitive. 

Building and maintaining a web management team can be costly for small businesses. ApogeeINVENT created the SocialSEO service to offer new and current clients the ability to turn over the social media marketing and day-to-day SEO work to an experienced web team. 

“We see ourselves as more than just a provider of web marketing products. We provide tools and consultation so our clients can succeed. But some small businesses don’t always have the time or depth of knowledge required to be successful at SocialSEO. We created the SocialSEO service so we could help them get the most out of our web marketing products.” says ApogeeINVENT Vice President Lindsey Winsemius.

Learn more about the SocialSEO service by visiting the ApogeeINVENT website. 
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About ApogeeINVENT

ApogeeINVENT is a client-focused web development and design company that sells internet marketing software systems. ApogeeINVENT’s main products- DynamicMarketingWebsite, Ecommerce CobraCart, and TitanMLM- are all built on the same core system. These systems are easily customizable for the unique needs of individual clients. These proprietary systems are all part of a core hosted environment, and all clients receive free upgrades. The company prides itself on its attentiveness and continual support to existing clients that utilize their hosted environment systems. ApogeeINVENT recently launched PostalParrot Email Marketing (, and has several new products under development that will be released early 2012. Learn more at
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