Mild Allergy to Bee Stings

2009.8.6 - j0zf

A couple days ago I got stung by a couple of paper wasps. The kind of wasps that make those little baseball sized spherical nests.  These little buggers look a lot like hornets but they're no where nearly as aggressive (typically).  Anyhow, Unfortunately I seem to be developing a mild allergy to the stings over the years.  It seem like every time I get stung they get a little worse, and I've been stung a lot of times.  The allergy isn't life threatening or anything like that, infact I didn't evn develop much swelling until roughly 12 hours after the bee sting.  These pictures below are from 2 days after the sting.  Tons of nasty fluid has been oozing out of every little damaged spot on my arm (even out of a mosquito bite) and now it's starting to blister around where I got the stings.

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